David Horton

Age 35
State Kentucky
Prisoner number213313
Mailing addressDAVID HORTON #213313 K.S.P. 266 WATER STREET EDDYVILLE, KY 42038
Earliest release date2030 Parole
JPay email No

“Bless those that walk out of your life for they are making room for those who won’t.”

Attention!! Rewards await those who are willing to write. And the rewards include getting to know an honest, fun, witty, loving, caring man with a true heart and a great sense of humor. I am loyal, faithful, attentive, trustworthy, interesting and diverse. I’m seeking a commitment based on honesty, trust, respect, with someone to honor, cherish and share life with. I’m very romantic and affectionate.

I believe in being honest, even when it’s something I may not like to hear, I always know that comes from a place of love. Now don’t get me wrong, I may need a moment to step out and get some air, but nevertheless I know where the love comes from. I am a person who is transparent, I have nothing to hide. I have one life to live, and I will make it one with no kept secrets.

I want to meet someone who can love me for ME… Seems these days everyone is too superficial; looks change, skin changes, we’re all going to grow old, white haired, and will tell people to get off our lawns eventually. I care more about what goes on in a person’s heart. I don’t care about your past, I care about the present and what amazing memories we can make for the future. I am one of the most romantic, kind, loving, overly giving person that you will ever meet.

I have many varied hobbies and interests that include the outdoors, traveling, working out, sports, auto shows, dogs, reading, writing poetry, cooking, movies, music, camping, fishing, restoring antiques, and much, much more. I am the kind of guy who can enjoy almost anything with the right company.

I have succeeded on appeal and upon re-sentencing I can be out within a couple of years so whom knows what life holds for tomorrow.

I hope that I have piqued your interest enough in some way and that you will take the next step by introducing yourself. If you email me please include your snail mail address also. Note: no colored paper, no colored envelopes or stickers of any kind allowed. Thank you for reading my profile, have a great day!

“Every new day is another chance to change your life.”

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