Vida Montes

Age 27
State California
Prisoner number#WG5039
Mailing addressVida Montes #WG5039 C.C.W.F. P.O. Box 1508 Chowchilla, California 93610
Earliest release date11/30/2024
JPay email Yes

My overall general disposition is kind, affectionate and patient. On most occasions, my friends say I’m the one they can count on in a pinch because I’m loyal and practical about life.

I have a great fondness for pleasure and all things beautiful, but I’m far from superficial.

I’m looking for friends who are generous in all ways, especially in their time, because I like to be spoiled and pampered, treated like the Queen I am. I love to have a good time. I tend to be responsive to color and design and I’m inspired by music.

I’m looking for friends of all walks of life. So, if you’re looking for genuine friendship, then look no further.

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