Tabatha Black

Age 42
Prisoner number29448-058
Mailing addressTabatha Black # 29448-058 F C I Aliceville P O Box 4000 Aliceville AL 35442
Earliest release date01/07/2028
JPay email No

My name is Tabatha. I’m Looking for friendship and smiles. For me laughter and music is the key to the easement of my time. I enjoy reading suspence novels, Ancient Alien theories  and working Sudoku puzzles.  I have served over half of my time holding fast to my sanity these past few years. Everyday I try to build myself up. I haven't followed any proper building regulations, but I'm still standing!

I continue to look forward to my re-entry these last few years.

Currently, I am interested in furthering my education in Sociology, because the only thing I know for sure, is how much I do not know.

Thanks for reading my profile.

Write soon!

Today is going to be great 😉

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