Shaun Dandridge

Age 42
State Illinois
Prisoner number#K02141
Mailing addressShaun Dandridge #K02141 Menard Correctional Facility P.O. Box 1000 Menard, Illinois 62259
Earliest release date2/28/2024
JPay email No

'Love is like hunger. In absence, it's yearning and craving grows stronger. It's roaring rumble cannot be ignored any longer...'

Hello, I'm Shaun,

I'm thankful to have this chance to introduce myself to you. As you can see, I enjoy writing poetry. I also sing and write R&B music. In fact, I'm a true romantic and writing and singing are an escape for me.

I believe everyone has a story to tell and I'm always willing to listen. If you're interested in making a new friend, I can send and receive text messages by contacting me on:

I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote:

A Token of Love

Your personality is so welcoming and soothing. Your smile is so   contagious. It's warm and inviting, like a hot fire on a winter night, pulling me closer...

Holding you in my arms feels like a welcome home. I feel safe. As if nothing in this world can go wrong...At this very moment time stands still. Your love transports me to another dimension. Nothing exists but us. Nothing else matters but the here and now.

You are the most important thing in my world. There's nothing more precious or dear to me. Your love is priceless. Each and every minute shared with you feels like an eternity. Every second is a cherished gift where the blissful experience of your love is a treasure...A token of heaven.

In closing, stay safe and healthy, cherish each day and remember: Live, Love and Laugh

Just to be clear: I'm 100% straight and only attracted to women

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