Paul Hunter

Age 34
State Michigan
Prisoner number665686
Mailing address13747 County Road 428 Newberry, MI 49868
Earliest release date2026
JPay email Yes

Hello my name is Paul. I am 34 years old, single male, white and Native American. Looking for female pen pals to write. I have never been married and I do not have any children. I am a dog dad I say, I have a 2 year old American Bully dog by the name of Harley Quinn. She is taken care of by family members.
A few things about me; I like to think of myself as fun loving, but shy type of guy. I exercise regularly and try to eat as best as I can in here. I like comics, dogs, Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff. So know Winter is coming….lol. Yes I know, you thinking “dork” right.
Family is and always will be the most important thing in my world to me. But I need some feminine energy in my life right now. Friendship or whatever I am open to see where things can go. I need someone that can keep up with me in life and to share life’s experience with. I am a good guy in a bad situation. Let’s say a lifetime of bad bad decisions. So I am paying for those choices now. It’s hard to have a decent conversation with anyone once you get locked up. It’s like the people that say are you friends just forget all about you. I get it, I understand they have their own lives to live. But a letter now and then really makes someone’s day in here. So if you want to write me please do. I will answer any questions you have. You can write to me on JPAY or just send a letter in the mail to. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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