Nicholas Ely

Age 30
State Nebraska
Prisoner number77049
Mailing addressTecumseh Correctional Facility P.O. Box 900 Tecumseh, Nebraska 68450
Earliest release datenone
JPay email Yes

Hi, I'm Nicholas Ely. I'm posting this ad in search of female companionship, someone who is open to building a relationship, platonic or otherwise. I'm 30 years old and have been incarcerated since I was 18. In my past, I made a lot of bad decisions but lately I've slowed down and became conscious of the pain that these bad decisions have caused me, my family, and my community. I'm on the road to recovery and redemption, though I do struggle with myself at times, and I desire meaningful relationships. I have not allowed any to develop over the past few years as I was taking time to gather myself and to mentally come to terms with my situation.

I'm serving a sentence of life without parole, but have maintained my innocence and am currently in the middle of an appeal process. I've grown a lot over this last decade and, having made some serious changes, I hope you'll try to see me for the man I am today, rather than making any conclusions based on my case or sentence structure.

Give me the chance and I think you'll see that I'm a pretty decent guy! I'm a family man, and am more than grateful that they've been here for me throughout it all. I've been blessed with a strong family support system. I have no kids, that is my brother or nephew in my photos. I love to study, read, and write and have just finished writing my first book. Lately I've just felt the need to reach out and connect with the world again, and I look forward to hearing from you. If you reach out, I promise I'll respond, with nothing but honesty and respect. I'm open minded, a deep thinker, and am not judgmental. If you would like to talk, write me at the above address or through


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