Michael Harris

Age 40
State Nevada
Prisoner number#74717
Mailing addressMICHAEL HARRIS #74717 W.S.C.C. PO BOX 7007 CARSON CITY, NV 89702
Earliest release date6/19/2024
JPay email No

BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE … you, the woman who has stopped to read my profile, because I know by doing so is an obvious display of a genuine heart with genuine intentions to getting to know someone of my fault and current position. BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE …

When I’m alone in my cell sometimes I stare at the wall, and in the back of my mind I hear my conscious call, telling me I need a girl just as sweet as a dove, now when for the first time in my life, I feel I need love. And there I was …

… wondering who would be that “someone” who would assist change and growth in my life as well as provide love and support to a man who yearns for such. I’m feeling something grown-folkish-like you know, intellectual telepathy, relationship maturity, and emotional and intellectual intimacy. Also, I wish to share the qualities that make me me with someone ready for it. And despite my circumstances I have a lot to give (do find out for yourself.) I view times like these as an opportunity, and opportunity to rehabilitate, to self-help and educate, reconnect with family and more importantly self, and now this is my opportunity to get to know and connect with “someone” genuine like YOU!!

And if you’re reading this I wanna know, I wanna know what it was that brought you to this site? What is it that you may be missing in your life or how I can add something good and constructive to it? I WANNA KNOW! So let’s be curious together and take those initial and necessary steps to get to know each other. You came thus far …

Thank you for stopping by, and regardless of your decision to reach out or not, just know that … BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE

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