Kyle Morgan

Age 36
State Illinois
Prisoner numberM41836
Mailing addressKYLE MORGAN M41836 DIXON C.C. 2600 N BRINTON AVENUE DIXON, IL 61021
Earliest release date2024
JPay email No

Hey, Kyle William Morgan here. I grew up in Crystal Lake, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I have also lived in Colorado, Utah, Florida, Switzerland, Wisconsin, and Washington. I am an artist that paints abstract and textural canvases. I was also the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for a couple of bands. I have 21 tattoos and went to College in Denver, Colorado.

I have a supportive family that has stuck with me throughout my prison incarceration. I am not married, never have been and no children. I have many lawyers working on my case and there is a very good chance I will receive early release.

I am looking for authentic, genuine people to become pen pals – women or men. I am free spirited and enjoyed an adventurous lifestyle. I am a thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie. I bond with goth, puck rockers, metal heads, outcasts, rebels, the bored, passionate, rare, unique, and curious.

I enjoy alternative rock music, horror movies, true crime books, snowboarding, wake boarding, mountain climbing, scuba diving and world travel.

When I am released from prison, I plan to live a wild life, full of adventure, love, fun, and pleasure, without any legal trouble. I want to live for the day and go out with a bang – not literally. I believe longevity of life is not as important as quality of life. I am saving money so I can live the life I dream of and plan to do when I get out.

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