Joshua D Amaya

Age 29
State Arizona
Prisoner number333047
Mailing addressA.S.P.C. Eyman, Rynning Unit PO Box 3100 Florence, Az 85132
Earliest release date2024
JPay email Yes

My name is Josh. I go by JD on the yard. I'm a 29 year old, Chicano, from Mesa, Arizona. I am 6'11" tall. I like to spend my time working out and reading. I love all types of music, i am a fan of all genres. I love sports. Die hard Dallas Cowboy fan. I played college basketball in Arizona and Texas, while in college I earned my Associates Degree in Business Science. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors in Communications, minoring in Business Management. I love challenging myself. I love learning new things. I take pride in overcoming any and all adversity that comes my way. I am a very competitive person. Very confident and very humble. I enjoy making people laugh. Family is everything to me. I'm big into tattoos. I just recently got my neck blasted. I'm fully sleeved up on my arms. Currently working on finishing up the rest of my shirt. I plan on being fully suited by the time I walk out the gate. I got really big plans for myself when I get out. Plans that I've already started to put into motion. For me, success is my only option, or I'm gonna die trying. If you would like to contact me, you can reach me on my tablet by creating an account on ****SECURUSTECH.NET**** and adding my DOC number and name, to add yourself to my contacts. If you plan on writing via mail, my info will be under this introduction. I hope to hear from you soon! Joshua Amaya #333047 A.S.P.C. Eyman, Rynning Unit P.O. Box 3100 Florence, AZ 85132

I can also be reached on Jpay

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