John Jeffries

Age 40
State Michigan
Prisoner number479947
Mailing addressCotton Correctional Facility 3510 N. Elm Road Jackson, Michigan 49201
Earliest release date2/12/2046
JPay email Yes

I am seeking friendship. At this point and time in my life I’ve learned to except the things I can’t change. Being one of the things I can’t change is me being in prison. The only thing I can do is strive daily to do the right thing and make myself and those around me better “Family & Friends”.

I’ve done a lot of good in life. I’ve also made some bad decisions, consequently putting myself in prison. I was sentenced to prison in 2009. Before prison: I loved to cook, (breakfast was my favorite), spent time with my children, boat riding, and going to the beach. One of my most favorite times of the day was around 6:30 pm Pacific time. I would drive to Mission Beach in S.D. California, sit on the tail gate of my truck and watch the sunset.

I am a very loving, caring, and family orientated man, regardless of the hard look lol, but I was also told I am fun to be around.

I’m hoping I can find someone to communicate with, with similar interests and some extra time on their hands to share with me.

If you decide to write slow mail, include the address in the letter. We are not allowed to receive incoming envelopes. They open all mail and give us the letter only, or you can email through

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