Jimmy Lauder

Age 35
State Texas
Prisoner number02328282
Mailing addressJimmy Lauder #02328282 B2 Powledge Unit 1400 FM 3452 Palestine, Texas 75803
Earliest release date10/28/2024
JPay email Yes

Hey, so, yeah, the name is Jimmy, but I go by Klayton. I’m serving an 8-year sentence. I was charged with Arson. I am an alcoholic but going on 4 years sober. I’m real big on helping others with alcohol. I started an AA group that is still going to this day. So, to sum it up, I’m big into recovery and helping others in and out of prison.

This is my first and last trip to prison. SMH. I’m not proud of coming here but I do believe it saved my life. So about me, I’m big into family and friends. I love sports. I play tourney softball and love baseball. I’m a die-hard Astros and Texans fan.

My plans when I get out are to return home and stay the man I am. I don’t focus on my past, just my future. One time to jail was plenty for me. I won’t be back lol. I plan to go back to family, friends, playing softball and racing four wheelers and just being the best me I can possibly be.

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