Heather D'Aoust

Age 27
State California
Prisoner numberWA4003
Mailing addressHeather Daoust # WA4003 CIW 16756 Chino Corona Road Corona, CA 92880 USA (CIW, BB26Low)
Earliest release date2023
JPay email Yes

I have been incarcerated since the age of fourteen when I made a mistake that shattered numerous lives and mine in turn. With innocence broken, I still endured. I was loved by many but cared for by few, devastated but not destroyed by the tides of time. Love led to pain and heartbreak, lust to profit and invasion. I am a soul yearning for more. Perhaps you are as well? Write and let us see where life's journey will take us.
I am two years until parole, almost 30 now. A woman in place of the girl who came here. I have multiple degrees and love literature. I am a published author who loves the outdoors though due to the pandemic sees it scarce. I have a passion for animals, human nature, culture and self empowerment. I enjoy a challenge and fear no one and nothing but being lost in ignorance.
Would you like to get to know me? Then let me get to know you!

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