Frank Acosta

Age 43
State Illinois
Prisoner numberR25710
Mailing addressFrank Acosta #R25710 Sheridan Correctional Center 4017 E. 2603rd Road Sheridan, Illinois 60551
Earliest release date12/31/2024
JPay email No


I hope whoever is reading this is feeling blessed today. Trust me, things could always be worse. I would rather be out there paying bills and overcoming real world stress, than be in here. And I’m coming home in a couple years….

I know some people that might not ever go home. Things could always be worse. Whenever I’m feeling sad or depressed, I pray and remind myself that I’m blessed to be alive. Plus, those feelings always go away. You just have to weather the storm. I’m grateful for my family being there for me, being fortunate to buy commissary, a TV with cable, and for my tablet, where I can listen to music, play video games, and correspond with people through email messages. If I’m content with what I have, and you have more than me, you are truly blessed.  

Most importantly, it would be a blessing if you took a little time out of your day to say hi and tell me about yourself. If not, either way, I hope you have a blessed day.

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