Demetrius Wardsworth

Age 32
State Massachusetts
Prisoner number#1906295
Mailing addressDEMETRIUS WARDSWORTH #1906295 200 NASHUA STREET BOSTON, MA 02114-1105
Earliest release date2022
JPay email No

Before I proceed, I want to say thank you to all who mustered up the courage and possess an open mind to see past my mistake. I know the stigma that comes along with dealing with someone in my shoes, being locked up. So to see you sidestepping the hate and avoiding the opinions of others already shows me the secure person you are. You are willing to stand alone in your truth, if necessary.

I’m a positive person in spite of being in this unfortunate situation. I’ve learned that life is guaranteed to throw us difficulties and trying times, but it’s how we perceive and deal with those moments that defines our character.

Prior to coming to prison I enjoyed family functions, being in the company of friends, riding dirt bikes; I got a need for speed.

Today I pride myself on becoming a better version of myself each day. By participating in volunteer and non-volunteer rehabilitating programs, and self-teaching myself things that are near and dear to my heart. My most recent accomplishment was teaching myself how to invest in stocks. Wanting to solidify my life for the rest of my life was the impetus for getting involved.

I enjoy reading, working out, fruitful conversations, and maintaining a healthy relationship with the family. I try to maintain a personal presence in the world even though I am removed from it. I look forward to potentially building a special, meaningful connection where we can contribute tremendous value to each other’s lives. I’m not interested in a relationships or any financial support. My only desire is to have the pleasure of getting to know you and vice versa.

So, if you are interested in imparting something new and different in your life, look no further. No need to be scared. I won’t bite, maybe lick a little. LOL But that’s another story. 🙂 Until next time enjoy the rest of your day.

If you’re looking forward to communicating with me, you can write me directly at the address below, send the address for me to write you, or send your number for me to call you. I can give you a better conversation through phone. I don’t have access to email, so leaving only your email will do us a disservice.

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