Davodrique Abney

Age 25
State Louisiana
Prisoner number00703765
Mailing addressDavodrique Abney # 00703765 Louisiana State Penitentiary General Delivery Angola, LA 70712 USA
Earliest release date01/13/30
JPay email No

Greetings to the world population and those of the various many. That are currently browsers and members of the Prison Pen Pals site. Which to be more of myself as a true gentleman. A curious, gracious, and honorable man.

I would like to introduce myself and being forward. All that I have two present as a new Pen Pal . Which further my name is Davodrique Abney. I am a young Black African-American male from the birthplace of Shreveport, LA. further, I stand about 5'9" in height, and I weigh about 151 pounds in weight. I'm medium brown skinned complexioned, medium built, I have dark brown eyes and a grade of silky jet black hair specified to be very wavy wavy. (With smiley faces)

Father, I am a very outgoing Virgo. Which to be exact the sixth sign of the zodiac. Who enjoys and love spending time with family/friend. Helping others, mentoring youth, exercising, traveling, investing, graphic designing, writing poetry, fashion, and etc.

Truly achieving the most of the most just living life experiencing and exploring all that there is to be adventured within this world of mankind

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