Darryl Black

Age 37
State Pennsylvania
Prisoner numberHH9757
Mailing addressSCI-SMITHFIELD P.O. BOX 33028 ST. PETERSBURG, FL 33733 **All letters go to Florida, Get scanned & emailed to PA. Books & magazines have a different address. His location is at Smithfield in PA.
Earliest release date
JPay email No

This is D.B. He is what Men used to be made of. I went thru a horrible breakup, w/ an inmate & he was there 4 me. He is a great listener, funny, smart & wise beyond his years. He prefers music from the 70's. He isn't into sports.He likes tv as long as it's realistic.Raised in Philly. He loves guns, $$, motorcycles & thick women. He is as real as they come. I would love to see him make a great female friend. A lady to help take his mind off the box he lives in. I guarantee u will not regret it.

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