Darius Harris

Age 38
State North Carolina
Prisoner number34723-057
Mailing addressDARIUS HARRIS #34723-057 FMC BUTNER PO BOX 1600 BUTNER, NC 27509
Earliest release date2027
JPay email No

Hi, hello there …
My name is Darius, as you all may know already. I’m originally from Missouri but currently reside in Greensboro, N.C.; been living there since I was about 15 years old. I am the oldest boy out of 6 kids. I have an older sister and we are really close; she’s like my best friend. Actually I am really close to all my siblings, we all grew up together and from day one we’ve always had each other’s backs. Family is really important to me, most of my best friends are my cousins.

I enjoy cooking out on the grill – bar-b-qing is my thang  🙂  I Like to invite friends and family for dinner. I like to travel, I haven’t been out the country yet, however I would love to go to Spain, Africa, and Brazil someday, that would be awesome! In my free time I just like to chill, watch movies, listen to music, maybe go out for a few drinks, play some pool. I’m not really a sports type of guy, I’m more into cars and motorcycles. I like old school cars with big motors and loud pipes. Finding old cars and fixing them up has been a hobby of mine since forever; I’m actually planning to open my own restauration shop, dealing exclusively with old school whips, reselling them and making a name for myself in the car culture. I am also thinking about starting a trucking company as well; I want my own fleet of 18 wheelers. Delivering product all over the country has been a passion of mine for a while now.

Considering my circumstances of my situation, being incarcerated has opened my eyes to the realities of life and what it takes to literally learn from my mistakes. At the same time I am extremely thankful to have another chance to make it right; I definitely consider myself blessed in so many ways. God plays a major role in how I view my realities. Knowing that by faith anything is possible, is the mind frame I tend to keep with me nowadays, and the power of prayer allows me to endure the struggles of change, for any negative situation with the right state of mind could be turned into a positive situation by believing and knowing that you have a purpose and whatever that purpose may be will one day reveal itself throughout your journey in life. I’ve learned to accept my circumstances with an open mind knowing it’s in perfect harmony with God’s plan, so I sit back and enjoy the journey and look to learn all I can while keeping a positive attitude.

I hope I was able to share enough information about me to capture the attention of someone who’s compatible with my outlook and perspective on life. Please feel free to text me; I do have a text service, my number is 786-425-3966. You can also write me directly at the address below, leave a message in my box here or on I.G. at DawnoftheDolo13 and your message will be forwarded to me. I’m definitely looking forward to meeting that special person. Hope to hear from you soon

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