Damien Reeves

Age 31
State Ohio
Prisoner numberA668601
Mailing addressDamien Reeves # A668601 Southern Ohio Correctional Facility 1724 State Route 728 Lucasville OH 45699 USA
Earliest release date2027
JPay email Yes

My name is the Damien, but I prefer to be called Dame.   I am looking for friends with positive, encouraging, and appreciative attitudes to correspond with and be willing to understand my circumstances and show no pity.

My hobbies are very limited, but I’m blessed to be a jack of all trades.

I love to draw, write poems, music, and read hood/love novels.  I like to work out and stay healthy as possible.  I am the 2nd oldest of 8, I am very family oriented.   I love to help people, no matter what.  I have goals of owning a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.  I am giving every day that passes to work more and more with becoming a better man.   I truly appreciate the time you have taken to view my profile and considered becoming a good friend of mine.

Thank you and have a blessed day.
Damien A. Reeves

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