April West

Age 38
State Texas
Prisoner number#21335-074
Mailing addressAPRIL WEST #21335-074 FMC CARSWELL PO BIX 27137 FORT WORTH, TX 76127
Earliest release date2023
JPay email No

Hey! Looking for open-minded people who are funny, can hold a decent conversation my attention. I love to read novels; Penelope Sky, T.M. Frazier and Colleen Hoover are my favorite authors. I love anything to do with the outdoors like camping and fishing; also throwing darts and shooting pool with friends. Love to collect guns and old coins. I love poetry, cheese, and to be pampered. I want to travel. I’m extremely adventurous and blunt. I cuss a lot, laugh at tings I shouldn’t and say the most random things.

I’ve done 12 years. I used to enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto and Dead to the Rights. I love all music. I can go into a store and find accessories for everybody. I love to dress nice. I’ve been told I’m stubborn. I have two grown teenagers who I love to video chat with as often as possible, and am super close to my cousin in Canada. I have a thing for motorcycles, and danger often excites me. I love tattoos. I’m a big kid at heart. I miss high heels. I’m looking for a portal to a new beginning.

I’m a Marilyn Monroe fan, my favorite color is red, and I love football; muscles in tights, what could be more entertaining? I have a southern drawl and hope you met someone intriguing. I want to move too Cali in the future but who knows where I will end up; I keep an open mind.

I have email,, video chat, text, and phone for direct communication. Text me at 817-259-0642. You can also write me directly or leave a message here. Hope to hear from you soon.

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