Antwan Reid

Age 40
State Ohio
Prisoner number#426983
Mailing addressANTWAN REID #426983 LONDON C.I. PO BOX 69 LONDON, OH 43140
Earliest release date8/2041
JPay email Yes

First off, let me tell you the truth – I’m a King! In my heart is a king’s compassion, in my mind is the ability to make a king’s good judgment, and in my spirit is a king’s strength which is God given to those that he favors. With that being said … Wassup? LOL

I want a friend, someone who is sincere, smart, strong, and ambitious. I want to be special to someone that is special too. Often, in my life, I’ve heard the term “just friends”, and I’ve always felt like it minimized the greatness of having a FRIEND. Well, the friendship that I’m looking for is unique and one of a kind. I’ll tell you all about it when you write me.

I’ve had a lot of time to think and make myself better and I’m ready to demonstrate and live my life. Coming up in February 2024, I’ll have served the mandatory stated term of my prison sentence, and I’m hopeful for my release shortly thereafter. I have what it takes to win. And, I want palm trees and sunshine.

I’m the proud author of two thrilling novels that I self-published, “Never Fold” by Kingpin, and “Never Fold 2: Born & Bred” by Kingpin. Both are available through online retailers. Currently, I’m working on a screenplay.

Write me and I’ma write you back. Hopefully, you are the one that I’ve been waiting for. We’ll see. 🙂
Please contact me directly through to get the quickest reply to your message – Come on 🙂

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