Amber Kenyon

Age 41
State Texas
Prisoner number2346952
Mailing addressAmber Kenyon 2346952 Woodman Unit 1210 Coreyell Road Gatesville, Texas 76528
Earliest release date1/9/2023
JPay email Yes

Wanting Something More - There's a country song called "There's Got to be Something More". It talks about how there has to be something in life than this. So I sit here at 41 years old looking back on all my wrong turns, missed chance, and wasted years. I plan to devote this time to finding that something more. Although this not my first rodeo, it is my last. I am hoping to find someone interested in helping me do just that. I hope that you agree that building a strong friendship and meeting like minded people is a good first step. I am an open minded person with an outgoing, fun personality. I have never met a stranger, I am courageous and a lil witty! I love an adventure. I am a leader with a take charge personality. I love to fix and create things. And I don't mind getting dirty!! I enjoy all music and love to read. I also cannot deny that I love a movie night with cuddles on the couch. I need someone who understands I have a long past. But who is willing to help me create a new future. You can register your phone at I can also receive emails at, but you must include your address

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