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Could one of these prison inmates from Mississipi be your new penpal ?

Sending Mail to Inmates in Mississippi

Inmates serving time in Mississippi prisons are allowed to receive letters, photos, books from an approved vendor, and cards, but there are certain rules/restrictions for each.  All mail is opened and inspected with the exception of legal mail.  Letters must not be written in code, describe the manufacturing of weapons, drugs, or alcohol, or have plans of criminal activities in them.  With the exception of photos, no other items should be mailed with your letter.  Do not send stamps or blank paper through the mail, as inmates must purchase these items directly from the commissary/canteen.  Do not embellish the envelope or letter in any way including glitter, stickers, lipstick, perfume etc.

Mississippi prison inmates looking for pen pals

Do not send money orders, cash, or checks directly to an inmate.

You can send photos to your inmate but they must not be larger then 4″x6″ and may not contain any nudity.  In addition, you cannot send Polaroid photos as these pose a security risk, and you should refrain from sending photographs of tattoos or photos that contain hand gestures as these can be misconstrued as having a gang affiliation.

When sending mail to your inmate you should format the inmate mailing address in the following manner:
Inmate Name, MDOC Number
Current Housing Unit (if known)
Facility Name
PO Box or Street address
City, State, zip code

How to Send Books and Magazines to Inmates in Mississippi

You can send soft cover books, newspapers, and magazines but they must come directly from an approved vendor like  When ordering books for your inmate, you can only purchase new books directly from Amazon, no third party sellers are allowed.  The books must be paperback, hardcover editions are prohibited.  You can send no more than three books, and they must not contain nudity, maps, or have any content that could potentially put the safety or security of the facility at risk.  You can also purchase a magazine subscription from and have it sent to the inmate (these must not contain nudity either).  Include the inmate’s name and MDOC number in the shipping address.

PrisonPhotoCountyLocationOpenedSecurity classCapacityNotes
Bibb Correctional FacilityBibbBrent
32°55′14″N 87°09′53″W
Bullock Correctional FacilityBullockNear Union Springs
32°08′54″N 85°40′20″W
William E. Donaldson Correctional FacilityJeffersonNear Bessemer
33°30′50″N 87°11′05″W
1982Maximum1492Death Row
Draper Correctional FacilityElmoreElmore
32°34′37″N 86°20′15″W
Easterling Correctional FacilityBarbourClio
31°41′21″N 85°35′07″W
Elmore Correctional FacilityElmoreElmore
32°34′30″N 86°19′13″W
1981Minimum-In / Minimum-Out1176
Fountain Correctional FacilityEscambiaNorth of Atmore
31°09′07″N 87°28′06″W
Hamilton Aged & InfirmedMarionHamilton
34°07′28″N 87°59′39″W
Holman Correctional FacilityEscambiaNorth of Atmore
31°08′03″N 87°26′59″W
1969Maximum998Death Row & Execution Site
St. Clair Correctional FacilitySt. ClairSpringville, Alabama
33°44′43″N 86°23′06″W
1983Maximum1,514Death Row
Staton Correctional FacilityElmoreElmore
32°34′37″N 86°19′59″W
Julia Tutwiler Prison for WomenElmoreWetumpka
32°33′50″N 86°11′39″W
1942Medium / Maximum985Death Row (female)
Kilby Correctional FacilityMontgomeryMount Meigs
32°23′13″N 86°06′10″W
1969Medium / Maximum1421Receiving / Processing (male)
Limestone Correctional FacilityMadisonHarvest
34°48′45″N 86°48′14″W
1984Maximum2086Largest prison in Alabama
Ventress Correctional FacilityBarbourClayton
31°53′20″N 85°29′34″W

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