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Sending Mail to Inmates in Kentucky

Incoming mail for Kentucky inmates is delivered Mondays through Fridays excluding holidays.  Usually incoming mail is received by the inmate within 48 hours of it reaching the facility, but certain emergency situations such as a lockdown can delay internal delivery.  If an inmate is transferred to a new facility or released will have their mail forwarded for a period of 30 days.  All inmates can send outgoing mail.  Offenders who have no funds to purchase postage and stationary, and are considered indigent can, upon request, send up to two letters per week.

Kentucky prison inmates looking for pen pals

All incoming mail must have a complete return address on the envelope or it will be returned to sender or destroyed.  All mail is opened, inspected and may be read with the exception of privileged mail which includes legal mail.  Kentucky prisons also have instant mail which is provided by JPAY.  Refrain from using obscene language and never include anything else with the letters (with the exception of photos).  If you mark or embellish the letters or envelopes in anyway such as with stickers, markers, glitter, lipstick, perfume etc. it may result in the correspondence being rejected.

Offenders are also allowed to receive 4″x6″ photos.  Photographs cannot be Polaroid, as they pose a security risk.  Photos you send cannot contain nudity, sexually suggestive material and should not display illegal activity or hand gestures/tattoos as these could be construed as gang symbols.

When you send correspondence to your inmate you should always put your complete return address on the envelope and format the inmate’s address as follows:
Inmate Name, ID Number
Facility Name
PO Box or Street address
City, State, Zip Code

How to Send Books and Magazines to Kentucky Inmates

Inmates in Kentucky are also allowed to receive new paperback books, magazines and newspapers that come directly from a publisher like  Books may not be hardcover or spiral bound, they must be paperback and must be new.  Magazines and newspapers can also be ordered through and sent to an offender.  No publications can contain nudity, incite violence or hate, contain maps, or describe how to make weapons, explosives or contain anything that could put the safety and security of the prison at risk.

Kentucky state prisons

NameLocationSecurity levelYear openedPopulation (2015)Notes
Bell County Forestry CampPineville, KentuckyMinimum1962300
Blackburn Correctional ComplexLexington, KentuckyMinimum1972320
Eastern Kentucky Correctional ComplexWest Liberty, KentuckyMedium19901,689
Green River Correctional ComplexCentral City, KentuckyMinimum/Medium1994982
Kentucky Correctional Institute for WomenPewee Valley, KentuckyAll1938683Women’s facility housing all security levels, including death row.
Kentucky State PenitentiaryEddyville, KentuckyMaximum/Supermax1886856
Kentucky State ReformatoryLa Grange, KentuckyMedium19362005
Little Sandy Correctional ComplexSandy Hook, KentuckyMedium/Maximum20051012
Luther Luckett Correctional ComplexLa Grange, KentuckyMedium/Maximum1981987Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center located within the same compound
Northpoint Training CenterBurgin, KentuckyMedium19831230
Roederer Correctional ComplexLa Grange, KentuckyMedium/Minimum19761002Male Intake Facility
Ross-Cash CenterFredonia, KentuckyMinimum2015200Women’s minimum security facility adjacent to the Western Kentucky Correctional Complex.
Southeast State Correctional ComplexWheelwright, KentuckyMedium2020665Owned by CoreCivic and previously operated as the private Otter Creek Correctional Center. Leased to and operated by the Kentucky Department of Corrections since September 2020.[3]
Western Kentucky Correctional ComplexFredonia, KentuckyMedium/Minimum1977693Formerly a women’s facility. Converted to men’s facility in 2015.

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