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Sending Mail to Inmates in Idaho

Maintaining communication with your inmate is an integral part of the inmate’s rehabilitation process.  Keeping in contact with friends and family members helps inmates to hear ideas, stories, concepts and information that they have no other way to experience being inside the institution.

Inmates can receive letters and up to twenty 4″x6″ photographs.  The photos may not be instant or Polaroid photos as these present a security and safety issue.  No photos sent to an inmate can contain nudity or sexually suggestive content.  You should also refrain from sending images of tattoos and hand gestures as these can be interpreted as gang related and may be rejected.

Idaho prison inmates looking for penpals

Offenders in Idaho can also receive greeting cards that are no larger than 8″x10″.  The cards may not be padded, laminated, contain electronics, or be multi layered.  Basically it must be a plain run of the mill card, nothing too fancy.

When sending mail to a correctional institution in Idaho, it is important to format the address on the envelope as follows:
Facility Name
Inmate Name, ID Number
Inmate’s Housing Number (if known)
PO Box or Street address
City, State, Zip Code

All mail sent to an inmate is opened and inspected for contraband (with the exception of legal or privileged mail which can still be scanned for contraband but may not be read).  It is important that you do not mark the envelope or the letter in any way, this includes putting stickers, crayon art, lipstick, perfume, glitter, glue or any decorations on it.  If you have children that color pictures for a family member who is incarcerated it may be necessary to photocopy the images and then send them.  At no time should you ever send a package or any other items to an inmate.  Stamps, envelopes, pencils, pens etc. must all be purchased from the commissary using funds the inmate has in their inmate account.

Another important thing to remember, at no time should you be sending your inmate information about staff, or other inmates, including the crimes they may have committed.  If an offender is transferred to a different housing unit or facility mail is forwarded for 60 days.  If mail is received to an inmate’s prior location after the 60 day period is up, the mail will be returned to sender.

How to Send Books and Magazines to Idaho Inmates

Inmates can also receive books, magazines and newspapers.  You cannot send these items yourself, they must instead come from a reputable vendor such as  You can place and pay for the order and have it shipped to the inmate’s mailing address, but you must remember a few key things:

  • Books must always be new and paperback
  • You must include the inmates name, ID number, and housing unit in the address
  • Books, magazines and newspapers must not contain maps, be violent, incite hate, contain nudity, explain how to construct bombs or weapons, or contain anything that may jeopardize the safety and security of the institution.
  • All mail must be send through the United States Postal Service
  • Book clubs are not allowed

This is a list of state prisons in Idaho. There are no federal prisons in Idaho and this list does not include county jails located in the state of Idaho.

The state contracted with the Corrections Corporation of America to operate the Idaho Correctional Institution – Orofino until the state took back operations in January 2014. CCA also operates the largest prison in the state, the Idaho Correctional Center, although Idaho Governor Butch Otter announced in January 2014 that its contract would not be renewed.

Idaho also exports state prisoners to CCA’s Kit Carson Correctional Center in Colorado.

Community Work Centers

  • East Boise Community Work Center
  • Idaho Falls Community Work Center
  • Nampa Community Work Center
  • South Idaho Correctional Institution Community Work Center


  • Correctional Alternative Placement Program (432 inmate capacity)
  • Idaho State Correctional Center
  • Idaho Maximum Security Institution (402 inmate capacity)
  • Idaho State Correctional Institution
  • South Boise Women’s Correctional Center (284 inmate capacity)
  • South Idaho Correctional Institution (656 inmate capacity)
  • North Idaho Correctional Institution (414 inmate capacity)
  • Idaho Correctional Institution – Orofino (541 inmate capacity)
  • Pocatello Women’s Correctional Cent (289 inmate capacity)
  • St. Anthony Work Camp (240 inmate capacity)

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