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Sending Mail to Inmates in Georgia

Offenders incarcerated in Georgia are allowed to receive and send mail to anyone they wish, wish the exception of other inmates and victims.  The only exception for inmate to inmate mail is if you are an immediate family member, that is father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister.  All incoming mail is opened, inspected and read to prevent the introduction of contraband and to ensure the safety of the facility.  Privileged mail, or mail from government officials, courts, or attorneys cannot be opened unless in the presence of the inmate.  Privileged mail can be inspected while sealed, and put through a variety of tests to ensure it does not contain anything illegal without the inmate being present.

Georgia prison inmates looking for pen pals

In Georgia, mail to inmates is considered a privilege not a right.  If the inmate has behavioral or disciplinary actions against them, they could have their mail revoked and be unable to send or receive any mail, with the exception of privileged mail from attorneys, government and media officials, that kind of mail by law must always be delivered to inmates.

Inmates can also receive 3-5 photos at a time from friends and family members that are no larger then 4″x6″.  The photos must not contain nudity, which is defined as male or female genitalia, buttocks, or female breasts that are exposed.  Written and visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct is also not allowed.  Inmates can have no more than ten photos in their possession at one time.

When sending mail to your inmate, you should format their address on the envelope as follows:
Inmate Name, ID Number
Facility Name
PO Box or Street address
City, State, zip code

How to Send Books and Magazines to Georgia Inmates

Inmates in Georgia can also receive books, magazines and newspapers, but they must come directly from an approved publisher such as  When ordering from be sure you only send new paperback books, hardcover and spiral bound books are prohibited.  Any books or magazines that contain nudity or sexually explicit writings/depictions are also prohibited (this means you cannot send a magazine like Playboy, but may get away with sending a Maxim subscription).  Any books, newspapers or magazines that contain maps, incite violence, depict illegal activity, or put the safety and security of the institution in jeopardy will be rejected.  When sending these items through be sure you mail them to the inmate’s mailing address and include the inmate’s name as well as ID number. 

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